Hi, I'm Yolanda, and I'm an avid podcast listener (see what I'm current listening to).  I also host a weekly podcast called How She Did It, where I interview women of color and explore their career paths.

I typically listen to podcasts when I'm mobile: while commuting to my office and exercising. 64% of podcasts are listened to on a smartphone or tablet (including me).

So show notes are important to my overall listening experience. If something is mentioned, in a perfect world, I could go to the show notes and get a link to the people, places, and things that were mentioned.

Often I'm disappointed in the effort podcast hosts put into their show notes. Show notes either don't exist (I'm looking at you, NPR) or, if they do, they aren't detailed enough to be helpful.

Now, I just take a screenshot of the timestamp of the episode where the thing I was interested in occurred so I can easily find it later when I'm at my computer:

My current queue of screenshots from podcasts I've listen to.

Having show notes for your episodes is way to stand out from the pack. It encourages social sharing of your episodes, and it increases audience engagement with your episodes after they've listened to it. And if you have ads/sponsors for your podcast, your listeners can quickly find affiliate links or special codes mentioned during the podcast.

Here is an example of the quality of show notes I create (from the podcast I produce).

If you'd like to discuss how I can upgrade your podcast's show notes, fill out the form below.